REACHing Across the Atlantic: US, EU Begin to Tango on Chemical Regulations

Barack Obama seems to be growing adept at finding alternate ways of skinning the cat.

After acknowledging his party’s “shellacking” in the recent elections, the president announced that he was giving up on trying to get a cap and trade climate bill through the Senate. He insisted he was still committed to taking action on climate change, but cap and trade, he said, “was just one way of skinning the cat. It was not the only way.”

In what may be one modest example of how Obama plans to get things done as he faces an increasingly uncooperative Congress, the administration has announced an agreement that brings the US just a bit closer to Europe’s groundbreaking program for regulating chemicals.

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About liammoriarty

I'm a journalist living in Seattle and Europe. This blog is to explore the connections and commonalities between Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest.
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