Ya gotta love the Dutch!

I saw this on the Bike Portland blog and it put a huge smile on my face  …

No, it’s not a massive teacup. It’s a Dutchtub; a portable hot tub that you can trailer behind your bike and take pretty much anywhere you can get to water. According to Clever Cycles, a Portland bike shop that’s importing them …

These are portable wood-fired spas with seating for four. Why? Because they can be towed by bike! We think water, fire and bikes are already key parts of living well in Portland; we love how the Dutchtub ties together all three in a virtuous spiral, “sober and decadent at the same time.” As its creators say “it’s a way of engaging in your environment (wherever you are) and upgrading your possibilities within public or private space.” Sounds like a bike!

The Dutchtub site says this luxury on wheels weighs only 75kg/160 lbs. (empty, of course) and comes in an array of colors, including “Pigeon Blue” and “Ocean Green.”

You bike it to your remote location, fill it with water, start a fire in the heating coils and let ‘er rip! There’s even a wok that fits over the fire so you can whip up a seafood stir-fry while you’re waiting for the water to warm up.

It ain’t cheap. The four-person model pictured above retails for €4,950 (about $6,550), but … damn!

The water in the North Sea off the Netherlands is every bit as frigid as the North Pacific, so I’m not surprised this elegant device is a Dutch innovation. Talk about your connections between Europe and the Pacific Northwest!

In fact, this looks like it could well be somewhere along the Washington/Oregon/Northern California coast …

Aaaahhhh ……


About liammoriarty

I'm a journalist living in Seattle and Europe. This blog is to explore the connections and commonalities between Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest.
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1 Response to Ya gotta love the Dutch!

  1. What fun! Decadence and sobriety in one go, and green at that! I enjoyed the post, Liam – thanks for the chuckles it brought me.

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