NAFTA on Steroids: Free trade fever crosses the Atlantic

cooperating-governements_usa_regulating_flagsThree top news items emerged from the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland last week …

  • No one is going to do anything serious about Syria anytime soon
  • Vladimir Putin does not play well with others
  • The US and EU will soon begin working on what could be the largest free trade pact in history.

It’s this last item that should most grab your attention.

I know; international trade talks are mind-numbingly dull – I defy you to read this text of the EU draft mandate approved for the upcoming negotiations without doing a Ferris Bueller (“Anyone? … Anyone? …”). But it’s a safe bet that if such a far-reaching deal is achieved between Europe and the US, we’ll be living with the impacts long after Putin and Barack Obama have each gotten over their agonizingly awkward G-8 press conference.

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About liammoriarty

I'm a journalist living in Seattle and Europe. This blog is to explore the connections and commonalities between Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest.
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