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I'm a journalist living in Seattle and Europe. This blog is to explore the connections and commonalities between Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest.

NAFTA on Steroids: Free trade fever crosses the Atlantic

Three top news items emerged from the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland last week … No one is going to do anything serious about Syria anytime soon Vladimir Putin does not play well with others The US and EU will … Continue reading

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The Death of Cars: The private automobile is running out of gas

Cars suck. Over the past century, automobiles established themselves as the default mode of transportation across the industrialized world and became the gotta-have item that proves developing countries have arrived. Cars have bent to their needs everything from patterns of … Continue reading

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Amsterdam on the Willamette: I got yer bike infrastructure right here …

I recently spent a couple of days in Portland, Oregon, a city I’ve known peripherally for years as a Seattle resident. I’ve always sort of seen Portland as Seattle’s younger, slightly hipper brother to the south, with better beer but … Continue reading

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To Bee or not to Bee: Europe does the right thing on pesticides

Bees are in big trouble. For nearly a decade, bees in the US, Europe and elsewhere have been dying off at an alarming rate. If you like eating, this is a big deal. That’s because bees and other insects are responsible for … Continue reading

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Michele and Me

For a brief, shining moment this week, the deeply-batty Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann and I had something in common: we’re both dual US/European citizens. Or we were, because in less time than it takes to don a tricorn hat, the Honorable Member … Continue reading

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Drone Wars: Europe’s Uncomfortable Silence

It’s been five days since news broke that a 29-year-old German-born jihadi was among those killed last month by a drone strike in Pakistan’s South Waziristan province. On Monday, the German news magazine Der Spiegel suggested that the death of … Continue reading

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Ya gotta love the Dutch!

I saw this on the Bike Portland blog and it put a huge smile on my face  … No, it’s not a massive teacup. It’s a Dutchtub; a portable hot tub that you can trailer behind your bike and take … Continue reading

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How to Piss Off the Canadians

America’s neighbors to the north are famously nice. Canada is well-known as a society of civil, polite and well-mannered folks who have universal health care and whose military is better known as peace-keepers than war-makers. It takes some doing to … Continue reading

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Move Along, Nothing To See Here

French authorities are going to great lengths to play down any concerns about Sunday’s fatal accident at the Marcoule nuclear complex in southeast France. “It was an industrial accident, not a nuclear one,” was the line echoed by several officials, … Continue reading

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Inside East Berlin’s Secret Stasi Prison

Fifty years ago this week, residents of an already-divided Berlin woke up to find East German soldiers ripping up streets and stringing a barbed-wire barrier through their city. Within days, a 96-mile-long fence surrounded West Berlin, cutting it off it … Continue reading

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