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NAFTA on Steroids: Free trade fever crosses the Atlantic

Three top news items emerged from the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland last week … No one is going to do anything serious about Syria anytime soon Vladimir Putin does not play well with others The US and EU will … Continue reading

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Drone Wars: Europe’s Uncomfortable Silence

It’s been five days since news broke that a 29-year-old German-born jihadi was among those killed last month by a drone strike in Pakistan’s South Waziristan province. On Monday, the German news magazine Der Spiegel suggested that the death of … Continue reading

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Inside East Berlin’s Secret Stasi Prison

Fifty years ago this week, residents of an already-divided Berlin woke up to find East German soldiers ripping up streets and stringing a barbed-wire barrier through their city. Within days, a 96-mile-long fence surrounded West Berlin, cutting it off it … Continue reading

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