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The Death of Cars: The private automobile is running out of gas

Cars suck. Over the past century, automobiles established themselves as the default mode of transportation across the industrialized world and became the gotta-have item that proves developing countries have arrived. Cars have bent to their needs everything from patterns of … Continue reading

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How to Piss Off the Canadians

America’s neighbors to the north are famously nice. Canada is well-known as a society of civil, polite and well-mannered folks who have universal health care and whose military is better known as peace-keepers than war-makers. It takes some doing to … Continue reading

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One Fish, Two Fish: Europe Takes Another Stab at Saving Dwindling Stocks

Europe enjoys a “green” reputation in energy, transportation, recycling and more. But when it comes to managing its fisheries? Not so much. The European Commission says 75 percent of Europe’s stocks are overfished, and despite a fishing fleet that’s double … Continue reading

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