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NAFTA on Steroids: Free trade fever crosses the Atlantic

Three top news items emerged from the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland last week … No one is going to do anything serious about Syria anytime soon Vladimir Putin does not play well with others The US and EU will … Continue reading

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Move Along, Nothing To See Here

French authorities are going to great lengths to play down any concerns about Sunday’s fatal accident at the Marcoule nuclear complex in southeast France. “It was an industrial accident, not a nuclear one,” was the line echoed by several officials, … Continue reading

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Inside East Berlin’s Secret Stasi Prison

Fifty years ago this week, residents of an already-divided Berlin woke up to find East German soldiers ripping up streets and stringing a barbed-wire barrier through their city. Within days, a 96-mile-long fence surrounded West Berlin, cutting it off it … Continue reading

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The Thin, Wet Khaki Line: Reflections on the Beach

“The battle belonged that morning to the thin, wet line of khaki that dragged itself ashore on the Channel coast of France.” – Gen. Omar N. Bradley I just spent a gloriously warm and beautiful summer day at Omaha Beach … Continue reading

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Why Do They Hate Us? The Vacuum that Feeds the Rise of Right-Wing Parties in Europe

Now, Norway has its very own Timothy McVeigh … As with the Oklahoma City bombing 16 years ago, the initial public reaction to the horrific events in and near Oslo was to finger Muslim extremists. The online comment boards of … Continue reading

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