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The Death of Cars: The private automobile is running out of gas

Cars suck. Over the past century, automobiles established themselves as the default mode of transportation across the industrialized world and became the gotta-have item that proves developing countries have arrived. Cars have bent to their needs everything from patterns of … Continue reading

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Amsterdam on the Willamette: I got yer bike infrastructure right here …

I recently spent a couple of days in Portland, Oregon, a city I’ve known peripherally for years as a Seattle resident. I’ve always sort of seen Portland as Seattle’s younger, slightly hipper brother to the south, with better beer but … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy: Including US Airlines in EU Carbon Trading System Triggers Fears of Air-mageddon

Suddenly, it seems, airlines around the world – including in the US – have just woken up to the fact that they’ll soon have to take part in Europe’s carbon emissions trading scheme. And they’re freaking out. I don’t really … Continue reading

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How Green Was My Palm Oil: New EU Standards for Sustainable Biofuels Rekindle Debate

A Lufthansa flight last week marked the first time an airline has used biofuels on a standard commercial flight. The airline says the mixture of regular jet fuel and biofuel (made from jatropha and camelina plants and animal fats) will … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Trains

Traveling by train shouldn’t suck. In fact, if you’ve taken passenger trains in Europe, you know it can be fast and efficient and even fun. All too often, riding the Amtrak Cascades line — between Vancouver BC and Eugene, Oregon — … Continue reading

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